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Most congregations and faith communities are eager to help people transform their relationships for the better, especially in these controversial and divisive times. This book targets six topics to create healthier relationships and repair relationship breakdowns: practicing humility, experiencing empathy, feeling compassion, showing kindness, expressing appreciation, and doing justice. You will find chapters on each of these topics with teaser quotes, real-life scenarios, sensible guidelines, and practical applications. Its goal is to provide some practical guidelines that can go a long way in helping people be more effective in how they transform relationships for the better in their congregations and everyday lives. In short, you’ll find practical wisdom in each of these six areas that will strengthen your relationships at home, at work, in congregations, and in society. Insights are drawn from the latest research by relationship and social scientists on each topic. Wisdom gleaned from this research is translated into practical guidelines for transforming relationships gone awry, into relationships that flourish.

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