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My 2021 Wipf & Stock publication, Better Ways to Better Relationships in the Church, is a companion to this 2016 Rowman & Littlefield Alban publication, Communication in the Church: A Handbook for Healthier Relationships.

Most congregations are eager to help people create healthier ways of relating to one another. So here are some practical, sensible guidelines to help people become more effective in how they build relationships, lead meetings, experience trust, practice forgiveness, use power, and bridge cultures. Each chapter includes real-life scenarios, sensible guidelines, practical applications, and suggestions for further study. You may adapt this handbook’s content and resources to a variety of religious communities, learning audiences, work contexts, educational programs, and training events. Drawing on the latest research and geared particularly for clergy, laypersons, continuing educational planners, professors, students, and scholars, business and community leaders, nonprofit organizations, consultants, and professional speakers will also find it useful.

Available as an Alban publication from Rowman & Littlefield at: