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I posted my first Building Relationships blog on August 3, 2016, “It Pays to be Careful with Our Communication.” It features an all-too-common-scenario in our congregations: a ministry team’s communication and decision-making break down, resulting in injury to relationships. A series of posts will follow featuring these six practical, sensible guidelines for creating healthier ways of relating to one another:

  • perception check
  • create meaning
  • diminish defensiveness and foster a supportive climate
  • use both verbal and nonverbal communication
  • raise your listening IQ
  • face and handle conflict

These blog posts will feature excerpts from my Rowman & Littlefield Alban publication, Communication in the Church: A Handbook for Healthier Relationships. You’ll find a book description and introduction on the Home pages.

I hope you’ll find fresh insights from these blog posts on Communication in the Church!