cropped-tom-pic-sanctuary1.jpgWelcome to my website featuring Communication in the Church!

You’ll find a variety of options for exploring the theme, creating healthier ways of relating to one another.

The Home page that greets you features both my 2021 Wipf & Stock publication, Better Ways to Better Relationships in the Church, and my companion 2016 Rowman & Littlefield Alban publication, Communication in the Church: A Handbook for Healthier Relationships. An Introduction for each book appears as a Welcome dropdown page.

For personal and professional information see the About pages, including a Biography and Vita. You’ll find I’m passionate about human justice, personal relationships, creating community,  and servant-leadership.

I began blogging on August 3, 2016. Here’s the theme of my first blog post series on Building Relationships“It Pays to be Careful with Our Communication.” You’ll find practical, sensible guidelines for creating healthier ways of relating to one another on Perception Checking and Creating Meaning. Look for future series on Leading Meetings, Experiencing Trust, Practicing Forgiveness, Using Power, and Bridging Cultures.

The Books pages introduce you to another special interest, small group communication, and features my Alban publication, Small Groups in the Church: A Handbook for Creating Community.

From time to time I’ll post articles, sermons, and book reviews on the Other Works pages, mainly on communication and on small groups, but also on topics such as the one you’ll find on my Scottish heritage, The Quest for Watties Neach, and another that features Ireland & Scotland Impressions on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to our Scottish and Irish ancestral lands.

A website is not complete without a photo gallery, so you’ll find snapshots that capture sacred places and moments along the Way.  Included are eight of my Favorite photos, and five PowerPoint Showtime presentations featuring our fifteen SW and SE national parks trip, our seven national parks canyon trip, our rail tour of Ireland, our visit to Dumfries in SW Scotland, and our Rick Steves tour of Scotland.

As you can see, this website is ever-evolving. So, please check it out from time to time (become a follower to receive new blog post notifications). And don’t be shy about using the Contact page to connect one-on-one.

I welcome you to this exciting journey of exploring Communication in the Church!